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This is another two hero quest, and it ended up being the most disturbing and fun one yet!

I wouldn't trust a newly risen zombie with a sword...

My dear knight, Dame Agatha, had some responsibilities to take care of first.

I don't think these two had met before this.

I chose the least disturbing option...

So sweet.

Serenade! I want these two to have a church wedding, but Randall isn't Peteran. I'll have to work on that during freeplay mode.

Who knew you could create life in a mini cauldron?

Grace had to wait for some supplies, so I figured she should try to catch some dinner.

Must not be very many parts...

Into the forest to create her zombie...

I had to admit that I was just expecting one those storybook-like pop-ups, not an actual zombie. Awesome!

Agatha deemed him safe to roam in society!

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Date: Friday, August 31st, 2012 10:44 pm (UTC)
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That is really neat that he was an actual sim!


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