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My poor Knight gets mugged a lot. I haven't played her much, so she tends to lose most sword fights. :-/

Goblins apparently eat cloth, not flesh.

Dame Agatha heads to the castle to triangulate the location of the goblins, but she also sneaks in some military strategy practice with the queen. She lost.

Turns out that goblins live in caves.

She returned his eyebrows. LoL

She sucks.

She was hungry, so I sent her fishing. She caught an eel!

Feeding the beast, who apparently enjoys large leg-of-something just like the cowplant.

Off to order some armor!

Her insecure trait keeps giving her a negative moodlet when she doesn't interact with people, so she met this guy at the docks and felt much better!

Bad ass!

So gross...

She has a whole day to wait to pick up the rest of the armor, so she chats up the new physician in the Peteran church.

Then gets converted to Peteran herself!

Training the squire.

Training the spinster who sucks more than she does!


This looks promising!

She stomped the rose that Agatha gave her! :(

A kiss for luck? Nope. Whatever.

Judy never seems to be at the castle, where she should be.

Violence in the church courtyard. *sigh*

Plus she'll probably get rejected anyway...

It's like Medieval TRON! :D

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