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If you didn't notice, all of Haeram's hero Sims are female, and most of them are gay. This is on purpose, since the randomly generated name reminds me of "harem."

It actually doesn't look like they're harassing her at all...

The queen gets into tons of sword fights lately. She tends to win, but not from skill. She just has more stamina.

Must set the innocent witch free!

Her name is Celeste. She's pretty, but kind of scary. Her eyes are as red as her hair.

Getting mugged is totally romantic.

Yes, Celeste is whittling. She did come over to "boo" once the fighting started.

I wonder if that's the warlock Beatrix would be wooing if I chose male at the beginning.

It looks like Celeste can take care of herself.

That asshat cursed her!

Celeste to the rescue!

OMG. LoL "powerful emotional release...."

But before they can get to that, Beatrix must hold court.

Looks like Celeste wanted to help speed the process along. LoL

I missed his outcome pop-up, but getting drunk does the trick!

Powerful emotional release...

Military strategy! She's only a level 1 monarch, so gotta earn those XP!

He sleeps outside?

My first medieval engagement!

They got married in the town square since neither have found religion.

Dammit, Judy!

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