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My new monarch, Lady Beatrix Verney. She's so much better than that imposter, Sybilla. Beatrix is Eloquent, Greedy, and a Compulsive Gambler.

First she asks her Royal Adviser, who is no help at all.

Then the kingdom's new blacksmith, whom I never did a quest with.

Perhaps Judy just hated Sybilla. She's very responsive to Beatrix.

Making friends with a leader from another land while she awaits her meal.

I think I have forgiven Judy for her disobedience.

He's probably the only person who misses the old monarch.

Writing her very first set of laws!

Now for some edicts. I'm going to need to read the Prima Guide's chapter on foreign relations, since my second kingdom needs to be allied with all of the other kingdoms.

Yes! Now off to the beach!

Oooh, a pirate! She says the child is in the forest.

Nope, just a naked mugger. To the town square!

And there he is! Bit first, I had Lady Beatrix make a wish. It didn't come true,

Probably, because the queen was an imposter who got assassinated...

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