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Meet my Wizard, Grace Bacon! While she looks like a wicked witch, she's actually Fun Loving and  Jokester. Her fatal flaw is Cursed, fitting for a magical hero.

I was very excited to play my drunkard Bard, Eleanor, again! I was hoping to move along her relationship with that elven woman she met, but alas, I could not find her.

Grace has got to brush up on her magical studies if she's going to pull of her show.

But before she can go assistant hunting, she needs to visit the new physician to remove her curse.

Wizard's don't sleep. They meditate!

My dear Bard must write up the pamphlets to advertise the show!

And brush up on her musical skills, since it's been a while...

Her arrest scared me for a second due to my traumatic previous quest...

Poor, Eleanor. She was heading to the shoppes to get the assistant's costume. The mugger is actually Grace's assistant. LoL

Practicing her spells on her assistant while...

Eleanor practices her performance.

Passing along the costume while needing a drink. LoL

Uh, Eleanor, maybe you should announce the show in FRONT of the stage.

Last minute preparations.

A little slide of hand to warm up.

Made her assistant's clothes disappear. LoL

Made herself disappear.

Fighting with her assistant during Eleanor's play! Rude!

Flare finale!

Yes, she's mugging Eleanor again...

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