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Gotta make sure that the queen is healthy.

Then while she's here, administering first aid since it's one of her daily responsibilities.

Judy just happened to be hanging around also. LoL

Get well letter!

I wouldn't be smiling to pay taxes.

The queen's new guards are kind of scary.

Bowl cut and a porn-stache! LoL

So many taxes! Now she wants $1,000,000! I nearly had a heart attack, because how is she suppose to get that much money in 24 hours?!

Asking Mr. Medieval Porn-stache what's up with the queen.

Poor torturted peasant. She snuck the queen's diary into Isolda's pocket. Then I'm missing a few pictures, but Isolda had to head to the village to find a grave where she picked up a locket...


Gotta wash the locket now.

Truth serum gun!

Dun dun dun!!!

Down with the queen!

I love the docks. The treasure is on the ship!

I missed the choice pop-up, but it asked if Isolda should give the kiss of death or inject the poison. I chose the kiss of the death. Big mistake...

Learning how to make the poison. Physicians can't sword fight, but they can make poison? Seems strange.

Making the poison, and this is where the "big mistake" comes in. I also had to make the antidote, but didn't have all the ingredients! Therefore, having to waste more time to back to the village shoppes!

Taking the poison to prepare for the kiss that shall rid Haeram of its imposter of a ruler!

Unfortunately, I ran out of time. Lady Sybilla had Isolda arrested for failing to pay the $1,000,00. :(

Her assistant came to witness her death sentence. :(

Medieval Grim is awesome.

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