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But before we can learn more about this mysterious fountain, our dear physician must complete her responsibilities.

She needs to gather some more leeches. Nasty little buggers, aren't they?

And while she's out, she might as well collect some herbs.

Her other responsibility was to cure 2 patients. The plague is running wild in this Kingdom! It has really low well-being, but I'm working on it!

Reading one of said fables...

This quest involves a lot of reading...

Judy, the world's worst servant.

Bloodletter Isolda can diagnose with her eyes closed!

I was surprised that a monk would be in the stocks! Don't worry, I didn't let Isolda throw eggs at him. Although there is an achievement for throwing 150 eggs...

She doesn't have too much money, but I didn't want to send her to the stocks.

I quite like Rosaline the Executioner.

And retrieve it, she did. Well, she had to pay for it, but still.

Off into the forest she goes in search of the fountain!

I finally got one right!

Adding magic fountain water to the town well.

She was suppose to "get sore" since her fatal flaw is Puny, so I figured I'd get her a sword so she can spar. Well, apparently the physicians can't actually sword fight. :-|

She got mugged on her way to the village. Security is also really low in Haeram...

Thanks to the internet, I learned that playing the fiddle is a "strenuous activity" and now my physician was sore!

I should have known.


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